Lighting Up History: Goodyear's Iconic Sign Shines Again

Aug 12, 2023

Lighting Up History: Goodyear's Iconic Sign Shines Again

It was an evening to remember in Akron on August 10th as the city's skyline gained back a piece of its heritage. The iconic Goodyear sign, which had remained unlit for over a decade, now proudly glows atop its former headquarters, thanks to a heartwarming collaborative effort.

For this special occasion, numerous Akron dignitaries, including Laura Duda, the senior vice president and chief communications officer at Goodyear, gathered in a ceremonious event to witness the historic moment of the sign's re-illumination.

This isn't just about a sign, though. This endeavor resonates deeper with the community. Goodyear, in partnership with The Well CDC, a nonprofit dedicated to revitalizing Akron's Middlebury neighborhood, ensured the former company HQ's continued significance. Now renamed as the Goodyear Theater, this landmark stands testament to Goodyear's lasting commitment to Akron.

But why now? Well, Goodyear is on the brink of its 125th-anniversary celebration, slated for August 29th. This event was not only a prelude to the big day but also a reminder of Goodyear's profound ties to Akron.

The evening was not short of eminent personalities. Voices that added weight to the occasion included Zac Kohl, who leads The Well CDC, Gary Miller, the University of Akron's president, and Ben Sutton, COO of Akron's major health care player, Summa Health.

And as one might expect from such an event in Akron, the Goodyear blimp gracefully circled overhead. It wasn’t just for show either. The ceremony served as a fundraising event, amassing a noteworthy $10,000 for The Well CDC. These funds will fuel the organization's impactful initiatives in economic upliftment and housing for the Middlebury community.

Reflecting on the past, it’s intriguing to think the sign had been dormant since Goodyear shifted to its new headquarters in 2013. But now, the restored sign not only brightens Akron's night sky but also its future, uniting a company, a community, and their shared history.

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