BFGoodrich Winter Slalom KSI tires

** BFGoodrich Winter Slalom KSI **-a studless tire for vsedoroÅūnikov from the famous American brand. The abbreviation KSI mean Key to Snow and Ice ("Decision for winter roads", literally "the key to ice and snow"). Bus ** BFGoodrich Winter Slalom KSI ** suitable for any type of winter road.

The high density of bidirectional lamellae (90% more than its predecessor Winter Slalom) provides excellent traction tyre reduces the braking distance. Optimum depth of the tread shoulder allows bus ** Winter Slalom KSI ** better allocate water and slush, and promotes the patency of tires in the snow. For a better grip on ice-optimized tread compound and an enhanced profile.

In addition to snow and ice, budget tyres ** BFGoodrich Winter Slalom KSI ** will also feel confident on dry and wet surfaces. Tires are presented in sizes from 15th to 17th fitting diameter, have a speed index S (170 km/h).

Available BFGoodrich Winter Slalom KSI tire sizes

15" (15 inch) tires

205/70R15 96S
215/70R15 98S
215/75R15 100S
225/75R15 102S
235/75R15 XL 108S

16" (16 inch) tires

215/65R16 98S
215/70R16 100S
225/60R16 98S
225/70R16 103S
225/75R16 104S
235/70R16 106S
245/70R16 107S
245/75R16 109S
255/70R16 111S
265/70R16 112S

17" (17 inch) tires

225/60R17 99S
225/65R17 102S
235/65R17 XL 108S
265/70R17 115S

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