Nokian Hakka Z SUV tires

** The Nokian Hakka Z SUV -new high-speed summer tyre for SUVs. Company Nokian Tyres has released its new high-speed summer bus (UHP) for urban SUVs ** Nokian Hakka Z SUV . It has the highest indexes speed V (240 km/h), W (270 km/h) and Y (300 km/h). According to a study conducted by the concern of Nokian Tyres, drivers identified three important properties of summer tyres: traction on wet roads, durability and comfort. ** The Nokian Hakka Z SUV ** responds to motorists: it is designed specifically for the difficult climatic conditions, be sure and predictably behaves, representative, noise, light, robust, even in the most extreme situations and is intended for high speed. ** Tyre Nokian Hakka Z SUV ** first appeared on the market in this spring season 2009. Новинка пополнила шин летних семейство Nokian Hakka, куда входят ранее выпущенные модели: Nokian Hakka Z, Nokian Hakka V/H, Nokian Hakka i3, Nokian Hakka SUV и Nokian Hakka C Van/Cargo. All Nokian Hakka created specifically for the difficult climatic conditions, the so-called Hakka-conditions characterized by capricious, fickle summer weather with lots of rain, sudden changes in temperature and frost. Talking about Hakka-conditions, we also have in mind broken koleistye road. Complex climatic conditions which have prevailed in Russia, make high demands not only for winter, but also for summer tires. For safe driving in summer tires should work equally well, since early spring and till late autumn: at zero temperature and heat in dry weather and rain, on all surfaces, including the rough roads koleistyh. ** Cool Zone Concept: innovation ** thanks to the latest technologies in the design and manufacture of tires, Nokian Tyres ' professionals managed to infer the characteristics of the bus ** Nokian Hakka Z SUV ** to new heights in its class. Technical innovations allow novelty demonstrate unique properties in the following areas: continuous operation of tires for SUVs, excellent traction in challenging conditions, economic fuel consumption. The most important innovations of the Nokian Hakka Z SUV, underpinning Cool Zone concept is the multilayered structure of the tread rubber compound with canola oil and silica, as well as a new tread RADIUS. ** Multi-layered tread structure ** the Nokian Hakka Z SUV has a three-layered protector. The lowermost layer of rubber protector is a thin layer that reduces heat and rolling resistance. Elastic intermediate layer tread responds faster to vehicle manoeuvres than traditional rubber compound. The tyre touches the road sensitively and accurately. Excellent stability and positively affects on driving on koleistoj road. ** Special rubber compound: silica + canola oil ** Rough road surfaces place the highest demands on rubber mixtures. In addition, the rubber compounds should work well at any temperature, in summer its drops can be substantial, ranging from zero degrees to heat. In compound Nokian Hakka Z SUV used canola oil, which is renewable, natural ingredient. Natural oil increases elasticity tires, increasing its tensile strength, excellent withstands dynamic loads that occur during movement. New rubber compound based on silica compounds Nokian Cool and rapeseed oil, designed for the Nokian Hakka Z SUV improves grip on wet surfaces, especially at low temperatures. New compound efficiently dampens noise generated when driving on rough asphalt. The Nokian Hakka Z SUV tyre noise, makes driving pleasant. Successful connection of silica and canola oil considerably reduces rolling resistance that leads to savings in fuel consumption, reduce emissions and increase engine power. ** New ** tread radius of curvature of the Nokian Hakka Z SUV has a new rectified the radius of curvature of the tread which improves manageability, stability when maneuvering, especially when turning, changing lanes and passing obstacles. The Nokian Hakka Z SUV behaves is expected and predictable in the most extreme situations. Updated tread geometry also reduces harmful for tyre heating observed during high-speed driving. ** Asymmetric tread design ** design choices and technical solutions applied to the tyre Nokian Hakka Z SUV is not only a matter of effective product appearance. Tread pattern with all its details directly affects the properties of tyres: handling, traction, low rolling resistance, durability and low noise. Thus, the tread design is directly related to the safety of tires. In appearance the Nokian Hakka Z SUV-easily recognizable member of the Hakka family: This stylish asymmetrical tire with sidewall design inside-outside, where the design of the inner and outer sidewalls vary. Reinforced central tread rib as technically proven asymmetrical inside-outside tread design provides excellent properties. Each area of the asymmetric tread fulfills its function. Rib tread affect traffic at high speeds: they improve the safety of the tires and give a certain feeling of Steering. On the outside of the tread is more sturdy side area, which provides better handling for SUV. Design of the inner shoulder created in such a way as to facilitate drainage of water from beneath the wheels and reduce the risk of hydroplaning. Smoothly polished longitudinal grooves speed up the outflow of water from the contact patch with the road tires, they give the tyres a finished look, make them stylish. ** Reinforced sidewall tires for SUVs ** On-board zone the Nokian Hakka Z SUV designed for high-speed drive to meet the highest demands placed on SUVs fully updated. Among the technical innovations-new design rib tires, which protects the drive; the new filling line and seamless structure of onboard rings. Stiffer bead zone provides better handling car at high speed and specially designed upper ledge protects the edge of the disc. The supportive bandage tape along the circumference of the tires, a durable seamless side ring, as well as the strengthened filling cord on-board zone increase sensitivity and precision driving. Seamless structure of onboard rings makes construction easier and more durable tires and thus reduces rolling resistance. Jointless nylon bandage also guarantees no vibrations when driving at all speeds. Due to the geometry of the tyre tread is low noise that increases comfort when driving; Protector smoothes roads, Fossa and blatant pavements. The Nokian Hakka Z SUV has a particularly solid and resistant to cuts sidewall rubber mixture is applied on all tyres Nokian Tyres for SUVs. Tyre Nokian Hakka Z SUV developed and tested over several years, both the gross koleistyh roads and on high-speed autobahns. Operational strength was achieved as a result of thorough laboratory tests and performance tests when driving on badly iznašivaûŝemu rubber asphalt. ** Wear indicators and aquaplaning Nokian DSI wear indicator ** Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) on the Central edge shows the residual depth of the main grooves in millimetres. Aquaplaning indicator is depicted in the form of drops, when drop disappears, ride on the tire data no longer safely. Info-site of sidewall markings can do the recommended tyre pressure. The correct pressure affects the driving accuracy and reduces the risk of damage to the tires. Pressure also affects the fuel consumption, savings could reach up to 0.5 litres per 100 kilometres. ** Tyre Nokian Hakka Z SUV ** contains no toxic, no high aromatic oils. Novelty manufactured at factories of Nokian Tyres in Finland and Russia using purified oils, which do not have a negative impact on the environment. Novelty manufactured at factories of Nokian Tyres in Finland and Russia using purified oils, which do not have a negative impact on the environment.

Available Nokian Hakka Z SUV tire sizes

16" (16 inch) tires


17" (17 inch) tires

235/65R17 XL 108V

18" (18 inch) tires

235/55R18 XL 104W
235/60R18 XL 107W
245/60R18 XL 109V
255/55R18 XL 109W
255/60R18 XL 112W

19" (19 inch) tires

235/45R19 XL 99Y
235/55R19 XL 105W
255/50R19 XL 107W
255/55R19 XL 111W
275/45R19 XL 108Y
275/55R19 XL 115W
285/45R19 XL Y

20" (20 inch) tires

245/50R20 XL 106W
265/50R20 XL 111W
275/40R20 XL 106Y
275/45R20 XL 110Y
275/50R20 XL 113W

21" (21 inch) tires

265/45R21 XL 108W
295/35R21 XL 107Y

22" (22 inch) tires

295/30R22 XL 103Y

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