Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck D tires

New winter tyre Nokian Hakkapeliitta family-** Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck D ** provides excellent traction during long-distance trucking and bus transportation. This spring the first appears on sale size 315/80/R 22.5. In addition to exceptionally reliable coupling with any road surfaces, typical for all tires Hakkapeliitta, new winter tires differ special smoothness and reliability in difficult climatic conditions. This type of tyres the most northern of the manufacturer in the world meets the highest demands in terms of professionals. ** Fast reaction to the actions of the driver ** Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck is a successful combination of modern technologies and innovative technical solutions. Numerous innovative properties, high security and fast reaction to the actions of the driver make tires Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck D first in its class. "The patented Twin block pattern design provides optimum grip and quick response even in extreme situations. An effective structure with deep tread block Sipes ensures the best possible grip without compromising the stability of the movement that is highly appreciated by professional drivers. The tread pattern design provides durable and reliable contact. New tires ** Hakkapeliitta Truck D ** stable and reliable in all conditions, "said head of research company Nokian Tyres Teppo Siltanen. Closely spaced tread Sipes provide reliable grip during acceleration and braking. Slit type protectors ledges provide security even in rapidly changing weather conditions. Sawtooth tread Traction Booster also improves tyre traction in longitudinal direction. Traction and stability in winter conditions also improved through the application of double-layer structure of the cap/base and tread rubber compound designed specifically for the difficult climatic conditions. Rubber compound features excellent health over a wide temperature range and high wear resistance. ** Enhanced durability ** Excellent wear resistance tyres achieved through the use of special rubber mixture and carefully designed tread separation: stairs tread pattern combined with the roughness of the road surface. Optimized tread separation and uniform surface pressure ensure even tire wear. Thanks to the deep 3D lamellas tyre Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck (D) retains a superb grip. Tyre is also different and high efficiency. It has extremely low rolling resistance that can significantly reduce fuel consumption and emission values. Modern tread pattern and optimized separation blocks provides comfortable and relaxed driving: the noise level up to 3 DB lower than that of previous models. As well as all tyres Nokian Hakkapeliitta tires series ** Hakkapeliitta Truck D produced without using no high aromatic oils. ** Tread wear Indicators. An increased level of security ** ** Simple safety indicators make it easy to monitor tire wear that helps to improve security. Developed and patented by Nokian Tyres safety indicator shows the residual depth of the main grooves. Winter driving safety indicator (WSI) shows whether the "winter" tires at the optimum level properties. When the snowflake symbol is erased, it is quite possible to use another bus in summer conditions. In addition, the company Nokian Tyres introduces new Nokian Noktop Hakkapeliitta material D for retreading, designed specifically for use in difficult climatic conditions. The Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck (D) specially designed for countries with difficult climatic conditions in which there is a need for reliable winter tyres for heavy trucks and buses. The Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck (D) specially designed for countries with difficult climatic conditions in which there is a need for reliable winter tyres for heavy trucks and buses.

Available Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck D tire sizes

22.5" (22.5 inch) tires


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