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Nokian Tyres ' experts developed a new cargo bus ** Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck F ** specially for buses and trucks. It aims to conquer the toughest winter weather and road conditions. Work on the new product began with an ambitious goal to create the best in the world winter tire for front axle. ** Hakkapeliitta Truck F **-traveler for long and medium distances, not knowing the wear and fatigue. This multi-purpose absolutely confident will behave like on the track and the narrow winding roads and remote forest trails. ** Hakkapeliitta Truck F ** ensures efficient grip, uncompromising durability and economical ride. New designed for fast changing, complex and severe winter conditions. As the tyre is a predecessor of the Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck E, which entered the market in the year 2008 and has already received a lot of positive feedback from consumers, Hakkapeliitta Truck F also provides excellent adhesion, maximum security and ease of management. ** Unique system ensures perfect grip Sipe ** Hakkapeliitta Truck F-complete winter tyre. Spiral system of lamellae Spiral Sipe System ensures perfect grip. With its location lamellae, particularly longitudinal, lateral traction on ice and packed snow cover improved by 15% compared to the predecessor. In addition, aggressive tread pattern raises the effectiveness of the system of mikrolamelej and improved grip. New winter tyre loading saves good traction even after significant wear. Hakkapeliitta Truck F easily copes with an uneven road surface, thanks to perfect the contact zone and balanced distribution of pressure, the tyre wears evenly and professional drivers will especially enjoy this property. Sheena Hakkapeliitta Truck F not only provides excellent traction even in extreme situations, but it is predictable, clear in manageability and stable. Novelty behaves as the driver wants, not presenting any surprises. The bottom of the tread grooves this bus has a special shape which prevents jam stones and stratification. A special form of bottom grooves and small stones removers do not allow stones damaging a tyre that increases lifespan and makes it suitable for retreading. ** The decision of future problems right now ** we wanted to develop a tyre for front axle with impeccable characteristics and reliable clutch in the most extreme situations. Winter weather is extremely changeable: fast falling and the temperature rises, dry, Santas, cyclical torrential rains,-all this requires from the tires of the relevant properties. We wanted to develop a tire that today would be able to meet the requirements of the future, "says product development manager at Nokian Tyres Teppo Siltanen. Requirements and customer wishes are taken into account throughout the work on the new bus: at the design stage, improvements and testing. Succeeding ruling authorities and legislation were also taken into account. As a leader in the manufacture of tires, Nokian Tyres in its activities, strives to meet all established standards. Any tyre rolling resistance affects the amount of energy which needs bus. Tires with low rolling resistance roll easier and more gently, respectively, and the car uses less fuel and emits fewer harmful emissions into the atmosphere. A good indicator of rolling resistance has become one of the key aspects when developing tyres Nokian Hakkapeliitta, and novelty is no exception to the rule-she easily rolls and saves fuel. ** Indicators indicate the status of the tread on the tires ** special indicators to indicate the degree of wear of tread tires. The special patented led Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) indicates the depth of the tread in millimeters. As soon as Figure 4 on the display is erased, this indicates that the remaining tread depth not more than 3 mm; you need to restore or replace a tyre protector fully. Bus Hakkapeliitta Truck F it is recommended to install the car fall, since its characteristics it fully demonstrate it is winter. Winter safety led The Winter Safety Indicator (WSI) with snowflake symbol indicates that the tire is safe to drive in winter. Once snowflake erased, still suitable for exploitation in the summertime. Hakkapeliitta Truck F is one of the quietest tires on the market, which increases comfort and contributes to the well-being of the driver in a way. The splint is made without the use of harmful, no high aromatic oils. ** The first testimonials from satisfied the test users ** Professional truck drivers waiting by front axle tyres completely certain characteristics: good grip, endurance and reliability in operation. "The bus should carry a load and go wherever I need to or wherever I want, even if the destination is at the end of a bumpy forest road" ‚ąí says Hannu Lamminen, driver timber. Tyre test users Hakkapeliitta Truck F very happy with new product. First experience in operating the new tires, resulting in winter 2008-2009, was quite successful. New behaved on the expected level: strength and other characteristics are consistent with the requirements of drivers. Sheena demonstrated stability and reliability even in the most difficult situations on the road. Hakkapeliitta Truck F is for sale at the markets of Russia and Scandinavian countries, as well as other markets, Nokian Tyres, where there is a demand for winter tires, operated in difficult climatic conditions. ¬†Hakkapeliitta Truck F is for sale at the markets of Russia and Scandinavian countries, as well as other markets, Nokian Tyres, where there is a demand for winter tires, operated in difficult climatic conditions.

Available Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck F tire sizes

22.5" (22.5 inch) tires


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