Nokian NordMan RS tires

Company Nokian Tyres is a winter novelty in the B segment (the average price segment)-friction tyre for cars ** Nokian NordMan RS **.

** Excellent traction on winter roads ** low noise ** Improved wedge-shaped slats provide better stability when driving ** wear Indicator (DSI) shows the residual depth of grooves in millimetres Secret traction properties of tyres Nokian NordMan RS ** ** in its excellent characteristics in winter conditions. Solid and stable friction properties of the tyre retains braking and accelerating in the snow and slush, ice and wet surfaces. Serrated lamella, forming a dense network, increase the efficiency of coupling properties when braking. Low rolling resistance reduces fuel consumption and makes the tyre economical to operate.

Available Nokian NordMan RS tire sizes

13" (13 inch) tires

155/70R13 75R
175/70R13 82R

14" (14 inch) tires

165/65R14 79R
175/65R14 82R
175/70R14 88R
185/65R14 XL 90R
185/70R14 XL 92R

15" (15 inch) tires

185/65R15 XL 92R
195/55R15 XL 89R
195/60R15 XL 92R
195/65R15 XL 95R
205/60R15 XL 95R
205/65R15 XL 99R
205/70R15 XL 100R

16" (16 inch) tires

195/55R16 XL 91R
205/50R16 XL 91R
205/55R16 XL 94R
205/60R16 XL 96R
215/65R16 XL 102R

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