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Nokian Nordman SZ2 tires

Nokian Nordman SZ2 high-speed summer tire delivers convincingly precise handling and maintains control on both asphalt and gravel. Designed for rough roads and high speeds, the model belongs to the category of UHP (Ultra High Performance) tires with ultra high performance characteristics. The size range includes 21 standard sizes with a diameter from 16 to 20 inches with speed indexes V (up to 240 km / h), W (up to 270 km / h) and Y (up to 300 km / h).

The tread pattern of the Nokian Nordman SZ2 sports tires ensures perfectly precise handling. Rigid inner and outer shoulder areas of the tire are connected to tread blocks connected by longitudinal ribs. Wide massive ribs increase the rigidity of the tire and reduce the displacement of the tread blocks in contact with the road. The high deformation resistance of the tread ensures good handling at high speeds. The Nokian Nordman SZ2 tires provide the vehicle's immediate steering response, which is essential for safe driving in extreme conditions.

The longitudinal ribs near the inner shoulder are dominated by deep side grooves that stabilize handling. At the same time, the Hydro Grooves innovation effectively prevents aquaplaning by collecting water between the road and the tire and channeling it into the longitudinal grooves. To combat aquaplaning, additional wave-shaped grooves are formed in the main lateral grooves of the outer shoulder of the tire. These grooves, as the volume of the lateral grooves increases, which occurs during the compression of the tire, they contain more and more water, taking it away from the contact patch. The tread pattern provides reliable grip on wet roads, even with heavy tire wear.

“The rubber compound of the Nokian Nordman SZ2 tread is designed to withstand the stresses that occur when driving on poor-quality roads. The rubber compound works over a wide temperature range to improve wet grip on both early spring mornings and dark autumn nights. The cut-resistant compound also improves driving comfort by suppressing noise when driving on uneven asphalt, ”said Jarno Röitiyo.

The extremely sturdy belt, like the double-layer cage, is made of high-strength steel wire; the tensile strength of one wire corresponds to a mass of about 2400 kg. One tire contains nearly 2.5 kilometers of steel wire.

The hemispherical grooves on the side ribs, reminiscent of the pattern on a golf ball, provide additional driving comfort. Called Silent Groove, this design reduces the vehicle's interior and exterior noise.

Nokian Nordman SZ2 high-speed tires - precise and safe handling

Stable, accurate and quiet

Precise and easy to operate even under extreme conditions

Resists wear and tear on uneven roads

Key innovations:

Hydro Grooves. Increased vehicle stability, better wet grip and reduced risk of aquaplaning. The longitudinal ribs located next to the inner shoulder have deep lateral grooves to stabilize the steering. At the same time, Hydro Grooves effectively prevent aquaplaning by trapping water between the road and the tire and channeling it into the longitudinal grooves.

Swoop Grooves. Effective prevention of aquaplaning. These elliptical slots in the lateral grooves of the inner shoulder, as the volume of the lateral grooves, which occurs when the tire is compressed, accumulates more water, drawing it out of the contact patch. This reduces the risk of aquaplaning. The transverse grooves have an increased cross-section, which accelerates the outflow of water from the contact patch.

Silent Groove Design. The groove design reduces noise. Increased driving comfort. Round grooves in the lateral grooves, reminiscent of a golf ball pattern, regulate the air flow in the grooves. They prevent the formation of an unpleasant howling sound. This solution makes driving comfortable and quiet. It also reduces air resistance and cools the tire surface, which in turn increases its wear resistance.

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