Nokian NTR 74S tires

Reliable all-season tire for trailer and steer axle. ** NTR 74S ** has a durable protector with zigzag grooves, which prevent the ingress of stones in the deepening of the tread. Shoulders provide additional strength and abrasion resistance while working under difficult conditions. Sipes central area, the same form with grooves, improves longitudinal and lateral grip, and also has a positive effect on the reliability of tyres in all weather conditions. Special indicator Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) developed and patented by Nokian Tyres, simplifies the process of tracking the degree of wear of the tyre and the depth of the grooves.

Bus ** Nokian NTR 74S ** provides a sure grip and safety on winter roads, as well as deep snow. It guarantees reduced rolling resistance, which in turn reduces fuel consumption. In addition, suitable for subsequent retreading.

Available Nokian NTR 74S tire sizes

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