Nokian WR G2 tires

The new Nokian WR G2 ** ** (generation two-"second generation") was specifically designed to meet consumer demand in Central Europe. When designing a particular attention was directed at the ability of tyres to withstand slašplèningu, i.e. to cope with sleet on roads.

The unique properties of ** Nokian WR G2 **, allowing travel on slush were not achieved at the expense of other essential characteristics of a good winter tires. Nokian WR G2 is ideal for driving on snow-covered roads and clean asphalt even at high speeds. Nokian WR G2 ** ** also good on wet roads: shows excellent adhesion, remains stable and confident slows on wet surfaces.

** Northern know-how works: slush on the road no longer dangerous ** Slush ─ traditional attribute of a winter road, which presents a great danger for motorists. Winter weather is becoming more and more unpredictable. Air temperature changes happen quickly and unexpectedly. Frost can dramatically change to zero temperature and then snow on the road turns into "mush". Another cause of the mud is salt, which is sprinkled on roads to make them less slippery. Drive the machine on a users can find all the snow is much more complicated, so the risk of accidents increases considerably.

Excellent grip on users can find all the snow tyres Nokian WR G2 is achieved through innovations such as: edge "slush", asymmetrical pattern and polished grooves.

Inner shoulder asymmetrical tread pattern sharply beveled, is wedge-shaped, forming an edge "slush", which starts when driving on snow machines sludge. Edge "anti-slush" effectively pushes the heavy mass of snow and water to the sides of the wheels. At the same time it improves the lateral polished grooves, accelerating the cleansing away of the tread from the water and snow sludge.

** Traction and stability on snowy, wet and dry surfaces ** for Nokian WR G2 was developed by an asymmetric tread pattern-art. Form and outer lamella shoulder improve handling and stability on all surfaces. Inner shoulder tire provides excellent traction.

An innovative stabilizer, represents additional relationships between the tread blocks, limiting their fluctuation, improves safety and quality bus driving in all situations, especially in case of sudden increase in speed. Stability indicator tire is extremely important, because it has a direct impact on road safety.

Rubber mixture used in Tyre, Nokian WR G2 contains new silica compound and industrial rapeseed oil made from natural raw materials. Tread compound improves tire properties in wet weather. Innovative rubber compound reduces rolling resistance-easy-to-manage tire reduces fuel consumption.

For the Nokian WR G2 was developed completely new system Sipe. Three-dimensional «castles» lamellae (self-locking lamellae), located in the Central edge, increasing the tire, making it stronger in transverse and longitudinal directions and improve driving stability and adhesion on wet surface.

« Lamella-wipers »: effective grip on wet road braking Innovative "lamella-janitors" water from the surface of the pavement during braking. Extreme lamella shoulder straight and slightly wider zigzag lamellas used to improve traction on snow. Direct lamella as though wipes the water from the tyre to road contact, working as "janitors" on the glass of the car. Thus achieves an excellent grip.

Available Nokian WR G2 tire sizes

13" (13 inch) tires

175/70R13 82T

14" (14 inch) tires

175/65R14 82T
185/65R14 XL 90T

15" (15 inch) tires

185/55R15 XL 86H
195/50R15 XL 86H
195/55R15 XL 89H
205/60R15 XL 95H
205/65R15 XL 99H
205/70R15 100H
215/70R15 98H
235/75R15 105T

16" (16 inch) tires

205/55R16 XL 94V
215/70R16 100H
225/50R16 XL 96V
225/55R16 XL 99H
225/60R16 XL 102V
225/70R16 XL 107H
235/60R16 XL 104H
235/70R16 106H
255/65R16 109H
265/70R16 112H

17" (17 inch) tires

205/50R17 89V
215/45R17 XL 91V
215/50R17 XL 95V
215/60R17 XL 100V
225/45R17 XL 94V
225/50R17 94V Run Flat
225/65R17 XL 106H
235/45R17 XL 97H
235/60R17 XL 106V
235/65R17 XL 108V
245/45R17 XL 99V
245/65R17 111H
255/65R17 XL 114H
265/70R17 115H

18" (18 inch) tires

225/40R18 XL 92V
235/40R18 XL 95V
235/50R18 XL 101V
235/55R18 XL 104H
245/50R18 100V
275/45R18 XL 107V

19" (19 inch) tires

235/35R19 XL 91V
255/50R19 XL 107V
255/55R19 XL 111V

20" (20 inch) tires

255/35R20 XL 97W
275/40R20 XL 106V

21" (21 inch) tires

265/45R21 XL 108V

22" (22 inch) tires

295/30R22 XL 103V

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