Giti Tire supplies OE tires for Dacia Sandero

Dec 03, 2020

Giti Tire supplies OE tires for Dacia Sandero

Giti Tire supplies products for Groupe Renault vehicles: Giti GitiSynergyE1 tires are selected as OE on the Dacia Sandero and Logan models.

Since October, Renault plants have been supplied with Giti tires of size 185/65R15 88H.

The GitiSynergyE1 was developed at the Giti Tire European Research and Development Center in Hannover and tested in the UK, Germany and Spain.

The partnership between Giti Tire and Groupe Renault began in 2014, when the automaker selected the GT Radial Champiro VP1 tires for the Renault and Dacia models for the first time in Europe.

“Globally, we have an excellent relationship with Groupe Renault as we continually fulfill our service level agreements and are ready to provide all the assistance we need at any time,” said Thomas Franzil, CEO of Giti Tire France.

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