Giti Tire

Giti has a huge production facility equipped with the latest technology. Revolutionary developments and innovative technologies are used in the design and manufacturing process. The range of products is represented by models for all types of vehicles, equipment and agricultural machines. The low cost of the Jiti tire is due to the low cost of natural rubber, which is mined near the company's factories. The technical center of the enterprise carries out testing and testing of new developments. Rubber is subjected to high loads, tested at high speeds, in various weather conditions to meet international standards. The brand's slick model, which was equipped with an electric car, set a record in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race.

Jiti is constantly improving its tires, trying to improve their quality and technical performance. Large investments are annually directed to the development and modernization of production, new technologies and innovative materials. Brand rubber is standard on Geely vehicles. The renowned automotive manufacturer has honored the company with the "High Quality Product, Supply and Service Award".

The main principles that guide Djiti in its activities are to ensure the safe and reliable operation of each tire, and to improve the environmental friendliness of models. Characteristic features of the protectors are non-standard construction and originality of design. They provide excellent ride quality in all seasons of the year. Summer tires Dzhitti guarantee excellent grip, stability of directional movement and when maneuvering, fast and precise response to steering commands. Winter models make it possible to move safely and comfortably on snow and ice. Special winter sipes enhance braking and traction as well as traction and performance. Carefully designed drainage systems effectively remove water or sleet from the contact patch, contributing to a high resistance to aquaplaning and slashing. Winter products are capable of effectively self-cleaning from stuck snow and dirt.

Summer and winter tires Giti

Compounds from which Jiti rubber is made contain natural rubber, large amounts of silica, adhesive additives and other innovative components. Due to the optimal balance of the composition of the mixture, high resistance to abrasion, heat resistance, elasticity and the required rigidity are provided. Rubber exhibits low rolling resistance, which generally reduces fuel consumption and emissions. Its tandem with the special structure of the drainage grooves allows you to absorb noise and vibrations that are generated when the wheel turns.

Summer tires Giti Synergy E1 and GitiSport S1 SUV are perfect for the summer season.

Winter tires Giti GitiWinter W1 will guarantee confident and safe overcoming of snow and ice.

All-season Giti tires are distinguished by their equally good driving qualities, both in summer and in winter.

Giti tires provide comfortable and safe driving on roads of any quality and in any weather.

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