Goodyear and SARTA to test tire sensors

Nov 10, 2021

Goodyear and SARTA to test tire sensors

Tire manufacturer Goodyear and the Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA) in Ohio have announced a partnership to test smart tire sensors and prototype tires. The testing will take place on the basis of the SARTA transport fleet, which includes buses with diesel and hydrogen engines.

The partners will use Goodyear TPMS Plus automotive sensors for smart tires, which will send real-time tire health data to the SightLine cloud, after which customizable algorithms will efficiently analyze the data. Fleet operators will receive detailed information on tire performance and potential vehicle problems, allowing predictive maintenance before a problem occurs.

Ten SARTA buses were selected for testing - five with diesel engines and five with hydrogen fuel cells. Buses are used daily on public transport routes.

Goodyear says the tests will help evaluate the performance of the Goodyear SightLine TPMS Plus system, help SARTA reduce bus operating costs and downtime, and reduce emissions.

Preliminary tests have already shown that TPMS can improve the fuel efficiency of buses and reduce the likelihood of bus breakdowns on the way.

In addition to the TPMS system, Goodyear will test a prototype new tire to assess its durability, durability and rolling resistance. The company plans to use the obtained data to develop tires for electric vehicles.

“Goodyear scientists and engineers are constantly looking for opportunities to experiment with new technologies so that we can expand our ability to build tires for the transportation of the future,” said Johnny McIntosh, director of integrated solutions and tire management for Goodyear. “Working with SARTA will provide us with valuable insights into the impact of tires on the safety, stability and efficiency of public transport.”

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