Sensanta's New Tire Sensor: Improved Safety, Longer Tire Life, and More

Dec 18, 2022

Sensata Technologies has developed a new tire sensor that could revolutionize driving. The sensor, which is mounted on the tire's inner liner, is Bluetooth enabled and provides tire pressure monitoring as well as detecting the force of the tire against the ground. It can also identify the brand and model of the tire and provide data throughout its lifespan.

This sensor has the potential to improve safety, extend tire life, increase fuel efficiency, and enhance vehicle handling for drivers. It can also simplify remote updates and warranty tracking for vehicle makers. When the data from the sensors is paired with a load-calculation algorithm, it can estimate the vertical load on each tire while the vehicle is in motion. If the vehicle is overloaded or imbalanced, the system will notify the driver.

According to Sensata, a vehicle that is overloaded by 10% can reduce tire life by 16% and fuel efficiency by 10%. The data provided by the sensor can therefore extend safety and tire life. On electric vehicles, the sensors provide real-time feedback to the battery management system, allowing for more accurate EV range calculations.

In addition to all these benefits, the sensor can improve vehicle handling by enabling the vehicle to adjust performance and handling to match the installed tire. It can also enhance the performance of advanced driving assistance systems by detecting and transmitting road surface conditions, such as changes from pavement to gravel. This allows the ADAS to make more timely and accurate braking distance adjustments, for example.

The sensor is Bluetooth Low Energy rated, which enables over-air updates to add additional features and capabilities after a vehicle is already in the field. It can also simplify warranty tracking for tire and vehicle OEMs as it recognizes tire brands. Sensata is set to launch the sensor in 2023 in partnership with a global tire maker (whose identity has not been disclosed). The company is also exploring more opportunities with other vehicle and tire OEMs.

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