New Vredestein tires advertised in Times Square

Nov 10, 2021

New Vredestein tires advertised in Times Square

Apollo Tires, which recently announced its intention to establish itself in the American market of tires for pickup trucks and SUVs, advertised its new Vredestein Prinza AT on one of the largest billboards in the United States - in Times Square in New York.

“When we launched the Vredestein brand in North America just over a year ago, we introduced a range of passenger car tires that were designed to meet the unique needs of the region,” said Abhishek Bisht, deputy vice president of Apollo Tires America. “Over the past year, consumers, the media and independent testing organizations have commended the quality and performance of our products. We are now launching the new Vredestein Pinza AT for the SUV market and Times Square is the perfect place to present it. ”

Apollo Tires says the Prinza AT has been designed with market needs in mind, just like passenger tires. As a result, Vredestein Prinza AT tires have been tested in different climates and weather conditions on three continents to confirm their excellent combination of comfort and performance.

The aggressive tread pattern of the Vredestein Prinza AT improves the tire's flotation and at the same time offers a quiet and comfortable ride in all weather conditions, combined with great mileage and durability.

The Vredestein Prinza AT enters the US market in 47 sizes, including light trucks. The company will later release 15 more standard sizes.

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