Yokohama recalling small number of two types of truck tires

Dec 18, 2022

Yokohama Tire is recalling a small number of two types of commercial tires, the TY517 MC² and BluEarth 109L, that were made earlier this year at its plant in Mississippi because there's a risk the tread could come off. The recall affects 6,125 of these tires in size 295/75R22.5, but Yokohama thinks only 68 of them might have the issue.

The tires were made between May 29 and June 4 at the Mississippi plant. Yokohama is recalling the tires because they might have been made with the wrong type of rubber. The tire identification numbers for the affected products are 1FABTYJAH 2222 and FABTJAW 2222. If the tread comes off, it could increase the risk of a crash. Yokohama will replace any of these tires for free with similar tires. This includes the cost of putting the new tires on your vehicle and making sure they're balanced.

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