Bill Morgan Tire Launches State-of-the-Art Facility in Lexington

Aug 08, 2023

Bill Morgan Tire Launches State-of-the-Art Facility in Lexington

In a significant development for Lexington, KY, and tire aficionados everywhere, Bill Morgan Tire has inaugurated a state-of-the-art ContiLifeCycle retread plant. This marks the first new such facility to grace Lexington in a whopping 40 years! Continental Tire the Americas, the global tire giant, has been a guiding force behind this endeavor.

Spanning over an impressive 25,000 square feet, the plant is not just about size but also capacity. With an envisioned output of over 15,000 retreads within its inaugural year, it's on track to become a major player among commercial truck tire retread plants in the region.

This remarkable trajectory can be traced back to Bill Morgan III's ambitious start in May 2018. From its humble origins with Morgan working solo, the company has experienced rapid growth. Now, it boasts three strategic locations - Richmond, Lexington, and Corbin, KY. The company’s workforce of 28 is set to expand with the addition of 10 new employees in the forthcoming 18 months.

With a legacy stretching over five decades, the Morgan family is no stranger to the tire industry. Their dealership, celebrated for its service quality, extends its services from central and eastern Kentucky to regions as far as Knoxville, Tenn., and Cincinnati. Notably, they have a keen focus on off-the-road, farm, and industrial tires.

Before finalizing their partnership with Continental, the company undertook a meticulous evaluation of potential retreading system providers. Emphasizing the significance of this collaboration, Morgan stated, "Offering our customers both a superior retread and a matching new tire was paramount for us." He lauded Conti's "cutting-edge technology products," which offer a competitive advantage in the market. Morgan further extolled Continental’s comprehensive approach, from design to training, as top-tier.

The ContiLifeCycle initiative embodies sustainability. As per Conti, this cradle-to-grave strategy seeks to optimize the lifespan of commercial tires at every juncture, culminating in considerable savings for fleet owners. This holistic journey commences with a brand-new tire and seamlessly transitions into Continental's retreading process, which capitalizes on their robust casings.

In addition to the retreading marvels, Bill Morgan Tire is also gearing up to provide heavy-duty tire repair services, leveraging the advanced MonaFlex system.

For tire business enthusiasts and Lexington's locals, this is undoubtedly a renaissance worth celebrating!

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