Continental Tires

For over a hundred years old company represents high quality and advanced technologies in the field of development. On average, almost 1/4 of new cars, produced by European enterprises, equipped with the tires under the Continental brand.

The concern among the Group of leading manufacturers of tires and automotive components and manufactures brake systems, chassis elements, transmission systems, information systems, electronic automotive systems, tires and technical elastomers. In the sphere of interests of the company to develop automotive communication systems.

One of the main priorities in the production of tires for the company is to ensure the safety of motorists on the road. Production of the brand strives to comply with environmental requirements and standards.

Continental tire lineup made in various countries includes tires for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and industrial machinery.

In the composition of the concern known brands Uniroyal, General Tire, Semperit, Gislaved, Viking, Barum and Mabor. Tires under these brands have successfully produced and enjoyed certain popularity among consumers worldwide.

Sales made by Continental AG according to the 2010 year has exceeded 25 billion euro. Global tire manufacturer provides more than 170 000 jobs in 46 countries around the world.

The company takes every opportunity that allows you to increase the value of the company. This allows you to successfully develop business relationships with their partners and promptly comply with all existing obligations.

Significant rating enterprises often reduces investment and opens up vast opportunities for additional investment. Securities markets shares of the company have a high market value.

Later on, in the territory of the enterprise is planned construction of production capacity of various types of hoses for cars, which will become part of the ContiTech Division. The new construction will be invested more than 10 million euros.

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