The Continental Urban Taraxagum has won an award in Germany

Dec 08, 2020

The Continental Urban Taraxagum has won an award in Germany

The Continental Urban Taraxagum bicycle tire wins the German Sustainability Award 2021 in the Responsible Design.

The serial production of dandelion rubber tires is a milestone in Continental's eco-strategy. The rubber used for tires is made from raw materials grown and processed in Germany, which simplifies logistics, reduces CO2 emissions during transportation and saves valuable resources.

The Urban Taraxagum bicycle tire, available on the market since 2019, is the first serial product based on dandelion rubber. The tires are manufactured at the Continental plant in Korbach, Germany. At the Taraxagum Research Laboratory in Anklam, Conti's agricultural, chemical and industrial process specialists are involved in plant cultivation and the development, construction and testing of equipment designed to handle new raw materials.

The large-scale industrial use of dandelion rubber is the goal of the long-term Taraxagum project of Continental and the Institute of Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology. Fraunhofer (IME). In the future, as the partners plan, this material should be used for the production of various tires and industrial rubber goods, replacing natural rubber from traditional sources.

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