Continental Receives CLEPA Innovation Award

Nov 03, 2021

Continental Receives CLEPA Innovation Award

German tire and automotive component manufacturer Continental has won the CLEPA Innovation Award from the European Automobile Suppliers Association for the second time in a row. In the Safety category, first place went to Continental's solution to protect vulnerable road users: a warning system developed in collaboration with Ride Vision that protects the lives of motorcyclists by combining two cameras and artificial intelligence.

“We are delighted to have won the CLEPA Innovation Award for the second time in a row. It is a fantastic recognition of our vast experience in the field of automotive electronics, ”commented Nikolai Setzer, Chairman of the Management Board of Continental AG.

The warning system, developed by Conti in collaboration with Ride Vision, helps prevent motorcycle accidents. Compared to a car, the risk of a motorcycle accident is 28 times higher, according to Conti, so this decision makes an important contribution to road safety. The innovative system is based on two cameras facing forward and backward; their data is analyzed and interpreted using artificial intelligence. AI algorithms distinguish between critical and potentially hazardous driving situations, and if there is a risk of collision or another vehicle is in the rider's blind spot, he is alerted. Warnings are displayed either visually in the mirror or via an audio signal in the helmet so that the rider can start braking or dodging in time.

The CLEPA Awards are presented annually by the European Automotive Suppliers Association to companies that innovate for markets and society and contribute to smarter, safer and more sustainable mobility. The awards are presented in four categories - Environment, Safety, Communication and Automation, and Collaboration. The winners are selected by an international jury of experts.

CLEPA is a member of more than 3,000 companies supplying cutting edge parts and innovative technologies for safe, smart and sustainable mobility. More than 20 billion euros are invested in its research and development every year. The association is headquartered in Brussels.

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