Pirelli P Zero - EVO Magazine's Best UHP Tires

Nov 24, 2021

Pirelli P Zero - EVO Magazine's Best UHP Tires

Pirelli PZeroi tires took the leading position in the test of the reputable British evo magazine. A series of special tests were aimed at finding the best performing tire. The victory in the comparative test, which also involved eight renowned tire manufacturers, further illustrated the Italian company's leadership position in the Ultra High Performance class. The evo experts praised the Pirelli P Zero as “an exceptional tire that felt like it could traverse any apex with flawless traction — all you had to do was keep turning. The feeling of excellent traction and stability is combined with smooth steering that instills confidence. "This is the second victory for the Italian company in the UHP evo tire test.

Evo's annual performance tire test, one of the most challenging on the market, combines objective test results with the subjective opinions of a number of experienced experts. A number of tests are conducted to assess key aspects, including handling, acceleration and braking under various conditions, on both wet and dry surfaces.

The Pirelli tires performed excellently on wet surfaces and were highly acclaimed by evo: "From the very beginning, Pirelli set the pace with great feel and good feedback. This is a tire that you immediately trust." The test results prove that the P ZERO ideally combines excellent handling and traction, which go hand in hand with safe and comfortable driving, and is the leader in dry handling. In terms of safety, the Pirelli tires also showed the best result and scored the highest score in the wet braking test, overtaking the nearest competitor by more than a meter. In addition, the tires showed the best lap results on the wet track.

The tires were tested by the evo test group on an Audi S3 test vehicle. The latest generation 18-inch P Zero tires were selected for testing. P ZERO is synonymous with sporting performance, characterized by cutting-edge technology based on Pirelli's many years of experience in motorsport. P Zero tires are used by more than 50% of carmakers in the prestige segment as original equipment. This means that more than half of the world's most coveted cars leave the factories with Pirelli tires.

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