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Pirelli Group of companies has a rich history. Pirelli today occupies a leading position in each sector of the world market, in which its products are displayed. For more than a century of continuous dynamic development the company has become a truly transnational corporation, won a strong position in the domestic markets of many countries.

High competitiveness of brand products is ensured through continuous improvement in technology, through research, the introduction of innovative products, as well as due to high qualification of employees of the company. In their desire to satisfy customer needs, the company continues to produce and sell high-tech products, successfully developing businesses around the world.

When you create a unified system of production management company uses the latest technologies, which combine all business processes: from supplying components to the organization of production, management of distribution network to retail sales. The ultimate goal of creating a system is to improve the quality of our products. Bet on innovation has enabled the company to open a new area of activity in the sphere of real estate. Here, as well as in the production of tires, the company was able to take a serious stance. It became possible due to the magnitude of the projects, as well as through effective governance and increase the value of real estate.

The company pays utmost attention to continuous improvement of products, taking into account the impact that the company provides, through its production and business activities on society and the environment Wednesday.

Known worldwide for their high professionalism and quality, control Pirelli demonstrated corporate management of the company, based on the policy priorities and systemic approach.

Style guide company aims at achieving full balance between personal responsibility and command coherence, a centralized strategy and responsibility in the field. As the financial basis for its further development the company is considering providing high investment attractiveness for shareholders, as well as a selection of appropriate pricing policies and pay. Due attention is paid to compliance with the rules and regulations of the country in whose territory the company enterprises are located.

The basis of corporate style are traditional values (Rulebook), shared by all employees of the company. This approach allows more closely rally the team, as well as to raise the overall level of corporate culture. Some rules and principles, carefully selected from the set of includes in "working Code of ethics", recently adopted by the Board of Directors of Pirelli Corporation & c. SpA.

The main principles of the code are openness, rule of law and decency that distinguish interaction at all levels of administration of the Pirelli Group companies.

Pirelli tires public image

The fact that Pirelli summer or winter tires are associated with sports does not mean that the tires of the brand are not suitable for “regular” cars. The company has a varied offer for different drivers. This is demonstrated, among other things, by the many awards received in tests and positive user reviews.

Pirelli tires can be successfully installed on cars from compact class to typical sports models. The wheels of the Italian brand are characterized by excellent performance, durability and comfort. Pirelli rubber delivers high performance in terms of safety, travel comfort and economical driving. Pirelli - reliable summer or winter wheels for the most demanding driver.

Pirelli rubber - a sample of quality

Pirelli is one of the oldest tire manufacturers in the world - the company was founded by Giovanni Batista Pirelli in 1872. The brand is currently recognized as the 5th largest tire concern. It includes the brands Metzeler, Formula, Courier and Agom. Currently, the brand rubber is the official supplier of tires for Formula 1 cars.

Pirelli's offer also includes truck, motorcycle and agricultural tires. The brand's winter and summer models are classified as premium rubber.

Pick up truck tires by Pirelli

Pirelli truck tires offer higher mileage and lower rolling resistance than their closest competitors. Moreover, as the manufacturer assures, the brand's tires are ideal for long distance transportation. The tires for the steering and drive axles are marked with M + S and 3PMSF markings for improved performance on snowy road surfaces.

Engineers have re-engineered the rubber compound for each truck model, which the manufacturer says plays a key role in extending tire life and reducing rolling resistance. The new truck tire range uses different components inside and outside the tread. The outer compound is designed to provide strength and grip on wet and dry surfaces, while the inner compound (made entirely of silica) maintains a low operating temperature and minimizes rolling resistance.

Italian winter and summer tires by Pirelli

In recent years, Pirelli has managed to achieve the highest position among the companies selling the highest quality winter or summer tires. The already proven design technology borrowed from motorsport has also been successfully implemented for everyday tires. For every type of car, Pirelli offers winter or summer wheels that guarantee the highest level of comfort and safety in all weather conditions and on all road surfaces.

Safe driving with Seal-Inside technology

Pirelli's Seal Inside technology allows you to drive safely without losing pressure in the event of a puncture. As a result, the presented technology prevents almost 85% of accidents caused by sudden drops in tire pressure. This revolutionary technology is already used in most Pirelli tires.

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