Pirelli launches motorcycle tire production in Argentina

Oct 29, 2021

Pirelli launches motorcycle tire production in Argentina

Pirelli began manufacturing motorcycle tires at its facility in Merlo, Argentina. Thus, Pirelli became the first motorcycle tire manufacturer in the country.

During a ceremony marking the 111th anniversary of Pirelli's presence in Argentina, the tire manufacturer announced that it will invest 1 billion Argentine pesos (€ 8.6 million) this year in its plant in Merlo. About half of the investment is to launch a motorcycle tire business.

Pirelli plans to produce 450,000 motorcycle tires annually. At the same time, according to the company, the demand for tires of this category in Argentina is 1.2 million units per year, and Pirelli expects to capture 80% of this market in the future.

Investments in the Merlo tire plant have created 300 jobs over the past year, Pirelli says, 70 of which were directly related to motorcycle tires.

In total, the company employs 1400 people.

Pirelli Argentina was founded 111 years ago on the occasion of the 1910 Buenos Aires exhibition; she initially dealt with sales and marketing of products made in Milan, and her own tire production at the Merlo plant was launched in 1951. Now the plant's capacity is 4 million passenger car and light truck tires per year.

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