Point S International Expands Footprint to Spain and Macau

Aug 09, 2023

Point S International Expands Footprint to Spain and Macau

If you've been keeping tabs on Point S International, you'd know they have a penchant for growth. This time, they've spread their wings further by venturing into two new markets - Macau and Spain.

Macau, that glimmering autonomous region right across from Hong Kong on China's southern coast, isn’t just about casinos and glitzy resorts; it's now home to Point S's latest locations. With these new openings, Point S is reiterating its commitment to its Asian development strategy.

But that's not all! Spain, the land of flamenco and paella, is the newest European country to join the Point S family. With Spain on board, Point S can now proudly say they have a presence in 26 European countries and a whopping 51 countries worldwide. From the stretches of Africa to the vastness of North America, Point S is leaving no stone unturned.

A Word from the Top

Fabien Bouquet, the dynamic CEO of Point S International, shared his enthusiasm about this expansion. He mentioned that making inroads into Macau and Spain has been on their wish list for quite some time. He emphasized, “This move helps to further cement our strength in Asia and Europe. With our rich history and expertise in tires and automotive maintenance, we're all geared up to offer top-notch service to consumers in these fresh markets.”

A Bit about Point S

For those who might be new to the name, Point S was born in 1971 and has since become a global powerhouse in the tire business. They currently boast over 6,100 points of sale globally. And if you're reading this from the U.S, you'd be interested to know they have nearly 300 locations in the country.

On a side note, Point S Tire & Automotive Service USA is also making waves with the inauguration of a brand-new warehouse in Memphis. This $2 million+ investment isn't just a storage hub; it will also function as a state-of-the-art training center.

In wrapping up, Point S’s expansion paints a picture of a brand that's on the move, continually seeking to offer its expertise and quality services to a global audience. Stay tuned to Tirebird.com for more industry updates and news!

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