New Vredestein Pinza ATs officially go on sale

Nov 05, 2021

New Vredestein Pinza ATs officially go on sale

Apollo has officially launched the new Vredestein Pinza AT off-road tire, the brand's first model in the All-Terrain segment of the American market. Initially, the novelty was presented back in September last year, but it only went on sale now, and in honor of this event, an advertisement was placed in Times Square in New York.

“When we launched the Vredestein brand in North America just over a year ago, we introduced a line of passenger tires designed specifically to meet the unique needs of drivers in this market,” said Abhishek Bisht, deputy vice president of Apollo America. “Over the past year, our tires have received high marks from consumers, media and independent“ testers ”for their quality, fair prices and ride quality. Our entry into the All-Terrain segment with Vredestein Pinza AT tires is a moment to celebrate, and Times Square is perfect for that. ”

Apollo R&D centers in Europe and Asia were involved in the development of the new product, and the main goal was to create tires that would work effectively off-road, while providing an improved level of comfort. The development was preceded by an analysis of the habits and expectations of American pickup and SUV owners, and the novelty was tested in various climatic and weather conditions on three continents.

The tread pattern of the new Vredestein (very similar to the design of the Apollo Apterra AT2) includes four large longitudinal zigzag grooves and deep sipes, which are designed to reduce the danger of aquaplaning and increase traction on wet and snowy surfaces. In addition, the embossed shoulder zones increase cross-country ability in mud, sand and snow, and interlocking sipes reduce block movement, improving stability. The tires are marked with the 3PMSF marking, which indicates their efficiency in winter conditions.

Tires are available in 2- and 3-ply carcass construction (P-metric and LT respectively), and to further improve durability, including at high speeds, steel belt edge protectors, a hexagonal bead core seamless structure and an additional nylon layer.

The new Vredestein have been tested by Tire Rack experts, who only tested them on asphalt and did not assess their off-road capabilities. In tests, the novelty met with three competitors - Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek, Goodyear Wrangler Workhorse AT and Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus - and eventually took first place by a wide margin from rivals, showing good performance in all disciplines and did not allow themselves a single obvious weakness ... “The tires provide a comfortable ride, low noise level and the best wet grip among the tires tested, that is, they have a full set of necessary characteristics,” noted in TR.

The tires entered the market in 47 sizes, and 15 more sizes will be introduced in the second phase. The guaranteed mileage in the P-metric sizes is 110,000 km, and in the LT sizes - 80,000 km. In the future, it is planned to add a road tire for SUVs and pickups to the lineup, which will be called the Vredestein Pinza HT.

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