Bridgestone Elevates the Game for Long-Haul Fleets with Upgraded Ecopia Tire

Aug 03, 2023

Bridgestone Elevates the Game for Long-Haul Fleets with Upgraded Ecopia Tire

In our tire business, we love seeing innovative upgrades that truly bring value to customers. Today, we're delighted to share some exciting news from the world of long-haul fleets - Bridgestone Americas Inc. has recently launched their latest masterpiece, the Ultra-Wide Greatec M703 Ecopia.

Building on its successful Ecopia truck tire line, Bridgestone's new offering is specifically designed to meet the demands of long-haul fleets. Bridgestone has gone all-in on this new drive-axle tire, which brings unmatched efficiency to the table, promising fleets improved projected mileage, notable fuel savings, superior traction, and exceptional retreadability.

The Greatec M703 Ecopia is here to succeed the Greatec M835A Ecopia, which has been a popular choice since its debut in 2017. The M703, currently available in the size 445/50R22.5, continues Bridgestone's legacy of crafting stellar products that keep evolving to address customer needs.

Brian Cunningham, Vice President of Fleet Solutions at Bridgestone Americas, confidently remarked, "With the M703, fleets can expect to see improved fuel efficiency and tire wear, which can help lower their total cost of ownership and help businesses improve their bottom line."

Digging deeper into the tire's features, the M703 boasts a high-density tread pattern combined with a long-wearing compound, delivering superior removal mileage. Additionally, its ultra-wide base casing is purpose-built to help fleets trim down their total cost per mile.

But Bridgestone didn't stop there. The M703 is packed with key features, including:

  • A wear mileage increase of up to 30% compared to its predecessor and a 10% improvement over a key competitor;
  • Lower rolling resistance of up to 14% compared to the M835A, thanks to a new tread compound paired with a low energy tread pattern;
  • Enhanced traction throughout the tire's life due to a durable biting edge;
  • Remarkable retreadability, thanks to its Waved Belt technology and Turn In Ply design, maintaining casing integrity;
  • Enhanced sustainability through the application of "Enliten" technologies.

This upgraded Ecopia tire truly showcases Bridgestone's commitment to improving fleet efficiency and pushing the boundaries of tire technology. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to cover the latest advancements in the tire industry.

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