Bridgestone Tires

Bridgestone tires - products of the Japanese plant of the same name, which is the undisputed world leader in the production of high-quality technological rubber. Back in 1931, Shojiro Ishibashi in Japan founded a small company, which got its name from the pronunciation of the surname of the creator in English. So Ishibashi is translated into English as stone bridge (literally "stone bridge"), hence the name of his brainchild. By the way, in 2016 a plant was opened on the territory of the Russian Federation, from which it is planned to cover the needs of the CIS and Eastern Europe markets, thereby reducing logistics costs.

The current strategy of the Japanese manufacturer is to manufacture a wide range of tire products for absolutely different vehicles.

The most popular and in demand in the modern world are wheels from a Japanese manufacturer, intended for high-speed cars, for compact cars and SUVs, that is, tires that can withstand any load despite the extreme conditions of their operation. Beautiful modern design of tires, impeccable quality and reasonable price will be able to please even the most picky and demanding buyer-car enthusiast.

For those wishing to choose Bridgistone tires for cars for all seasons, the company is pleased to offer a variety of selection of summer, winter and all-season products for various types of vehicles, ensuring complete comfort on the road and your safety while driving.

Summer Bridgestone tires have special grooves in an oblong or zigzag shape. They have a good effect on the wear resistance of rubber and make it easy to drive a car on any type of track.

Bridgestone winter tires have a special micro-porous element in their composition, which in winter driving conditions can simply cut a film of water or ice and quickly peel off the tire itself, which makes it possible to forget that you are racing at high speed on a slippery road.

All-season Bridgestone tires provide increased adhesion properties when the wheels come into contact with the road surface, this is quiet driving even at high speed, it is driving comfort and a decent look of rubber, and, accordingly, your car throughout the entire service life.

A Japanese company, one of the flagship tire manufacturers and owns many other brands, such as Firestone, represents its tires on the global tire market under this brand. Many years of experience, a truly Japanese level of quality and innovative technologies make Bridgestone models very popular with car owners around the world.

Benefits of choosing a Bridgestone tire

Bridgestone wheels are distinguished by a high degree of safety, comfort and environmental friendliness. During the development and production, the latest high-tech equipment, revolutionary solutions, computer modeling, rubber with natural and innovative components are used. The model range includes auto wheels for all categories of vehicles and all seasons. Rubber has different variants of tire tread patterns, developed using 3D modeling and innovative solutions. For example, the Nano Pro Tech technology has made it possible to make tires truly "smart". This allows to achieve reliability of grip and braking qualities, stable stability of the tire and precise controllability at all speed modes, on asphalt roads and off-road conditions, on wet, snow-covered and icy surfaces. The technological solution for truck transport applied in the production of tires, which distributes external pressure, has significantly improved technical and operational indicators.

The combination of various innovations in the Uni-T technology has improved the tire's handling, reduced noise level and fuel consumption, and ensured a soft comfortable ride.

Why buy Bridgestone tires

The design features give Bridgestone wheels a number of positive qualities. So the reinforcement of the side ring significantly improved the car's cornering behavior, and the blocks of increased rigidity increase directional stability. Rubber with a special design of the walls of the drainage grooves ensures effective removal of moisture from the contact patch. Improves performance on a wet surface rubber, consisting of two layers, the inner of which is located in the central area of ​​the tread. Wear-resistant, tough, flexible and heat-resistant rubber with low rolling resistance, ensures a long service life.

Bridgestone wheels set the standard for high-quality, comfortable operation on various road surfaces in any season. The catalog contains models of rubber of different seasons: winter tires, summer tires, all-season tires.

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