Cooper Tires

The American company Cooper Tires-one of the oldest and famous tire manufacturers in the United States. Founded in the year 1920. Cooper Tires is among the best-known sayh tire manufacturers in the world.      

Meet the needs of the domestic market in North America was the main vector of the activities of the organization. The company's strategy involves, first and foremost, offer their products to the final consumer. A potential client of the firm Cooper is a man who wants to and is able to buy a tyre capable of excellent manoeuvrability and safety on the road. In other words, tyres Cooper-Car Tuning attribute.

Currently, Cooper Tires are: 9 major tire factory, which produce 45 millionovpokryšek per year;

15 operating centers on all continents, which are fully coordinated the work of the company;

over 600 sizes which are used in the production of high-quality tires;

technical and testing centers for research and development in the field of manufacture of tyres.

Cooper Tires develops and produces equipment for the production of tires. For these purposes the funds were invested in the acquisition of the factory "Tall Timbers" malls. Tall Timber is equipped with high-precision equipment and produces more than 600 malls per year with exact observance of manufacturing parameters.

Within the scope of the Organization's activities also include the production and processing of raw materials used in the manufacture of tires.

Own test center TVTC is proudly Cooper Tires. TVTC Centre is located south of the city of San Antonio in Texas. The territory of the Centre together takes more than 1000 acres of land. TVTC includes: administrative building;

for testing on a wet coating;

Offroad area;

high speed section;

for testing for manageability;

for acoustic noise testing.

In different years, Cooper joined the company consisted of small tyre manufacturers.

In the March 2003 year to Cooper Tires are joined by Mickey Thompson, who brought with him a wealth of experience in the field of tires for off-road conditions. Products manufactured under this brand, has some fame on the territory of Russia.

One of the elders of tire production in England of Avon is a very famous brand in two directions-motorcycling and as an official tire for Rolls-Royce.  

Mastercraft brand gained fame mainly in America and belongs to the lower price segment. In Russia without actually sold.

Today, the production of tyres Cooper Tire and its affiliates acquires masšabnyj character has over 65 factory objects, sales offices, distribution, technical and design facilities around the world. But the company does not stop on achieved. Cooper continues to improve efficiency, betting on quality customer service and dealers in North America, expansion of the distribution network in Europe, as well as branding Cooper in China. New products help increase sales and create additional opportunities and potential for growth.

Continued development of the company is inevitable for the brand. There is only one thing that will never change. This desire to please and delight their customers, thereby increasing the market value of shares of the enterprise.

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