BFGoodrich Tires

BFGoodrich is an American brand that is part of the French holding company Michelin. Underneath is made a lot of tires for all kinds of automotive technology.

The story originates in the year 1870. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich (Benjamin Franklin Goodrich) became the founder of the rubber manufacturing company in Akron, Ohio, United States.

A new organization, the former doctor named in his honor — the B.F. Goodrich Company. The company's range of products includes a wide range of products made of rubber, which is gaining popularity and demand at the end of the 19 century. Despite this, the company could barely twice avoided bankruptcy.

The company Has invested large sums in racing competitions over the years and has earned a reputation in the world of auto racing. This is one of the most important components of the brand image.

The brand has received the most publicity in the territory of the United States in 1903 year ensure that car tires installed production with Winton BFGoodrich drove across the country. As a result, tire production became a priority production company BFGudrič.

Further, there were other successes in races. In the year 1915 BFGudrič became the first company whose tires scored two victories in the Indianapolis 500 race. In 1927 year airplane Spirit of Saint-Louis, equipped with tires of the brand, made the first flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

The company has a number of significant developments in the manufacture of tires. In 1947, were the first tubeless tires in the territory of the United States. After 7 years bus was made of synthetic rubber.

In 1967 by BFGoodrich tyre production, operating with broken down pressure.

Car with tires of the brand BFGudrič, won in 1972 year in racing rally Baja-1000.

In the late seventies BFGoodrich radial tire made the first minivans Radial All Terrain T/A.

In 1980 year organization name has acquired modern look BFGoodrich. The most famous products of the company are the tires. But BFGudrič also dealt with developments in the field of aviation and space direction.

In the year 1986 merger with American tire manufacturer Uniroyal. In 1988 year Michelin absorbed Uniroyal and BFGoodrich tyre unit.

The first pilot of the United States, who won the rally in European competitions, BFGoodrich tires used.

BFGudrič multiple winner of the famous Dakar Rally races.

BFGoodrich has launched production of model g-Force Profiler class High Performance with improved performance characteristics and unique adhesion to the road surface.

In 2004 year, BFGoodrich has opened a new direction in the production of tyres for commercial vehicles-Activan.

BFGoodrich tires is enough to enjoy great popularity among motorists around the world. In addition, they continue to be used in racing.

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