BFGoodrich Tire Plant in Alabama Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Nov 03, 2021

BFGoodrich Tire Plant in Alabama Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Michelin North America's BFGoodrich celebrates 75 years of production at its Tuscaloosa plant, which has produced over 500 million tires since opening in October 1946.

The plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA, was originally created for the production of military equipment during the Second World War, after which it was converted to tires. The plant, as reported by BFGoodrich, produced:

  • the first tubeless tire in the USA;
  • the first American-made passenger car tire certified for racing (BFGoodrich Radial T / A);
  • the first radial light truck off-road tire;
  • first radial mud truck tire (BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T / A);
  • NASA's first space shuttle tire;

  • The first radial tire for desert racing (BFGoodrich Baja T / A).

Today, the Tuscaloosa plant employs 1,400 people. The company produces blanks for tires, passenger and light truck tires, as well as various racing tires. The plant's productivity is estimated at 15,000 units of finished products per day.

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