Tyres International Rebrands as Ascenso Tires North America

Dec 20, 2022

Tyres International Rebrands as Ascenso Tires North America

Tyres International, a tire importer and distributor that's been around for over 50 years, is rebranding as Ascenso Tires North America. This change reflects the company's new ownership by India's Mahansaria Tyres Pvt. Ltd., which acquired Tyres International in mid-2021.

Ascenso is the brand that Mahansaria Tyres is using in North America for its wide range of tires, including agriculture, industrial, construction, earthmover, materials-handling, and forestry tires. These tires are produced at the company's factory in Panoli, India. In the past year, Mahansaria Tyres has added over 350 tire sizes to the products available in North America.

The acquisition has brought some great benefits to both companies. Mahansaria Tyres has benefited from Tyres International's distribution expertise and presence in the US tire market, while Tyres International's customers have enjoyed a steady supply of high-quality tires. In fact, Mahansaria claims that Ascenso has been one of the fastest-growing tire brands globally since it launched in 2020.

Tyres International was founded in 1970 and was owned by the Bezbatchenko family. The president of the company, Marty Bezbatchenko, said that combining the two family-owned businesses' 35+ years of experience "creates an effective distribution network and increases success for our customers."

In addition to the Ascenso product range, Ascenso Tires North America will continue to import and distribute other tire brands, like Westlake commercial truck, bus, and trailer tires from ZC Rubber Group and Sunrise steel and aluminum truck and trailer wheels. The company has distribution warehouses in Dublin, GA, Reno, NV, and Stow, and offers factory-direct pricing in both container-direct and warehouse programs.

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