Iran produces 150 thousand tons of tires in seven months

Nov 10, 2021

Iranian tire manufacturers in the first seven months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21 - October 22) produced 149,371 tons of products, which is 3% less than in the same period last year.

In just seven months of the year, more than 13 784 million tires were produced in Iran - 4% less than last year.

The number of passenger car tires decreased over the period by 5%, to 85,907 tons, while the number of light truck tires, on the contrary, increased by 12%, to 15,823 tons. In addition, the production of truck and bus tires increased by 2%, reaching 32,304 tons. Production of tires for light agricultural machinery decreased by 26% in seven months, to 2,078 tons, while production of tires for heavy agricultural machinery decreased by only 2%, to 10,383 tons. Production of industrial tires also decreased by 18% to 2,876 tons, while production of tires for two-wheeled vehicles increased by 20% to 10,690 tons.

Iran is seeking to strengthen its domestic production to achieve self-sufficiency in key products amid US sanctions. The Iranian government is actively supporting the development of the country's auto industry, which, despite the sanctions and the coronavirus pandemic, has generally had a successful year.

In this regard, according to the Iranian media, there is a record level of production of various types of tires, and for the first time the annual production in the country exceeded 24 million tires. In addition, local businesses have mastered the production of wide tires for heavy vehicles and SUV tires.

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