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Toyo Tires was founded in 1943. Attracting investments and building partnerships led to the rapid and successful development of the enterprise. After opening the first branch in the United States, the company began expanding its activities in Australia and the countries of the European region. The model range is represented by products for cars, trucks, agricultural and construction machines. By the end of the 20th century, the brand's tires were used for the basic configuration of cars by such engineering giants as Mitsubishi, Lexus, Hummer, Toyota and Mazda. Such a great popularity of the products is due to its true Japanese quality, first-class performance, durability and reliability. In addition, automobile tires of this brand provide safe movement in all weather conditions. The most advanced technologies are used in the production of Toyo rubber, most of which have been developed by highly qualified specialists of the company. All tires undergo a thorough quality control, which guarantees their reliable operation and compliance with all international standards. Toyo has R&D centers and test sites for testing.

Toyo tires are manufactured for use in a specific season of the year. Toyo are maximally adapted to the weather conditions of operation, which guarantees a high level of traffic safety. Summer Toyos provide comfortable and confident driving in hot and rainy weather. Toyo's special summer tires show excellent resistance to high temperatures. This allows you to maintain a stable grip of the tire with the road surface. Wear and tear resistance provides a long tread life. Due to its low rolling resistance, rubber contributes to improved fuel efficiency of products.

Rubber compounds for winter Toyos contain special components that provide the necessary elasticity and frost resistance. This has a positive effect on winter traction power, braking performance and slash planning resistance.

The protectors of winter and summer Toyos for different seasons of the year differ in structure and are maximally adapted for operation in certain weather conditions. By optimizing the geometry of the blocks and their placement schemes, high performance, good cross-country ability, excellent grip and braking of the tire are provided. The stability of high-speed movement and maneuvering also depends on the structure of the protectors of summer or winter Toyos. Volumetric drainage systems do an excellent job of drainage, which helps prevent aquaplaning in the summer and sliding on snowy and ice-covered roads in autumn and winter.

The manufacturer pays great attention to endurance and reliability of products. Toyo rubber structures are made of high-strength materials, have additional reinforcement of the frames and sidewalls. This avoids deformation and damage from increased loads.

  • Comfortable and confident driving will be provided by summer tires of the Toyo brand: DRB, H08, Tranpath mpZ.

  • In harsh winter conditions, Toyo tires will give a guarantee of traffic safety: Snowprox S954, Observe Garit GIZ, H09.

  • All-season tires Toyo Vario V2, Versado LX II and Open Country A/T Plus are ideal for regions with mild climates.

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