BKT launches new Earthmax SR 51 tire

Nov 09, 2021

BKT launches new Earthmax SR 51 tire

Indian manufacturer BKT has announced the launch of the new Earthmax SR 51 tire in size 875/65 R 29 L-5.

The latest line of BKT tires has been specially designed for wheel loaders operating in the harsh conditions of quarries and landfills.

The new Earthmax SR 51 size is now available and features a very deep L-5 tread that provides a high level of cut and puncture protection and extended durability. The tire also has additional sidewall protection for durability and good traction. All-steel construction and high-strength Earthmax SR 51 compound reduce the risk of equipment downtime due to tire problems.

The low profile construction and reinforced beads of the Earthmax SR 51 maintain excellent stability, while the square shoulder design reduces the risk of injury.

The BKT tire in size 875/65 R29 L-5 will complement the existing Earthmax range of tires, which feature an L-5 class tread and cut-resistant tread compound. The Earthmax range was developed by BKT for heavy equipment operating in difficult conditions.

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