Nokian Introduces Innovative 'Electric Fit' Symbol for EV-Compatible Tires

Aug 16, 2023

Nokian Introduces Innovative 'Electric Fit' Symbol for EV-Compatible Tires

In a significant stride towards the future of automotive innovation, Nokian Tyres has unveiled a groundbreaking addition to its tire lineup - the "Electric Fit" symbol. This pioneering symbol is designed to signify tires within Nokian's portfolio that are not only compatible with conventional internal combustion engines (ICE) but also tailored for the unique demands of electric vehicles (EVs).

Nokian's forward-looking approach is showcased by their commitment to offering safe and high-performance tire solutions, irrespective of the vehicle's powertrain. Jukka Kasi, the Senior Vice President of Products and Innovations at Nokian Tyres, expressed how this revolutionary symbol is the culmination of years of tire development and testing to ensure seamless compatibility with EVs.

"As the electric vehicle market gains momentum, the new Electric Fit symbol stands as a testament to our relentless efforts spanning over a decade," Kasi explained.

The Electric Fit symbol is set to be a global identifier, communicating to both tire professionals and consumers alike that Nokian's premium tire range is ideally suited for EVs. This symbol will be seamlessly integrated into marketing materials, spanning the digital realm to traditional printed resources and even point-of-purchase displays.

While the symbol is not currently being molded into the tire sidewalls, Nokian has plans to incorporate it into specific tire lines in the future. This move highlights their commitment to making EV-compatible tires a defining feature of their offerings.

As EVs often bear additional weight due to their battery systems, Nokian ensures their EV tires are designed to handle these increased loads with ease. Moreover, these tires are engineered to deliver instant response to the high-torque power of EVs, all while maintaining impeccable control across various driving conditions.

Kasi emphasized that Nokian's tire development strategy has always encompassed a holistic approach, focusing not only on safety but also on attributes such as low rolling resistance, durability, and driving comfort. With the rise of electric cars, these attributes have gained even more significance as drivers become increasingly attuned to their driving experience.

"In the near future, the majority of new car sales will undoubtedly be electric," Kasi predicted. "Our perspective is evolving from classifying them solely as electric cars. As electric vehicles become the norm, they simply become 'cars' again."

To support this perspective, Kasi pointed to Norway, where more than 80% of new car sales are electric vehicles. Norwegian drivers have showcased consistent satisfaction with Nokian's premium tire portfolio, underscoring the brand's readiness for the global shift towards EVs.

Nokian's commitment to enhancing the EV driving experience doesn't stop with compatibility alone. Their EV tires feature SilentDrive sound-absorbing technology, creating a quieter cabin environment that complements the serene nature of electric vehicles.

In a rapidly changing automotive landscape, Nokian Tyres stands at the forefront, driving innovation not only in tire technology but also in the seamless integration of EVs. The introduction of the Electric Fit symbol is a testament to Nokian's dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that bridge the gap between traditional and electric vehicles. As the world accelerates towards an electric future, Nokian's Electric Fit tires promise to keep us securely on the road ahead.

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