Michelin tire factory in Karlsruhe celebrates 90 years

Oct 29, 2021

Michelin tire factory in Karlsruhe celebrates 90 years

The Michelin tire plant in Karlsruhe, Germany, turns 90. The plant is known for its small-scale production of light truck tires and modern production facilities.

The Karlsruhe plant began operations in 1931. Today, its production capacity is 1.1 million tires and 82 thousand tons of rubber compounds per year. It employs about 800 employees, 550 of whom are engaged in tire manufacturing. About two thirds of the plant's employees come from neighboring France. In total, the plant's portfolio includes 70 standard sizes of tires that are sold in markets around the world.

In addition, the Michelin plant in Karlsruhe is considered a pioneer in CO2 reduction. The company is actively introducing modern technologies that reduce the amount of harmful emissions, in particular, electricity is used in the tire vulcanization process.

“Greener electric vulcanizing presses are an important step towards sustainable production,” says plant manager Fabrice Marchetti. According to Michelin, the production process in Karlsruhe can reduce CO2 emissions by 1,100 tons annually.

In addition, the Karlsruhe plant is now the only Michelin truck tire manufacturer to fully cure tires using CEV electric presses, specially designed for the production of truck tires.

According to Michelin, the plant also saves about 100,000 cubic meters of water annually, and the company receives part of the energy it uses from solar panels with a total area of ​​53,600 square meters.

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